Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hallmark Abstract Service Tri-State area housing survey (6 questions)

Hallmark Abstract Service New York State title insurance

Good afternoon:

While we have all been reading the anecdotal evidence indicating an improvement in the housing market, your answers to this short survey will help us to better understand the dynamics specific to the Tri-State area.

This information will be helpful whether your primary business directly involves the buying and selling of real estate or is through an associated industry such as property rentals, banking, finance or law.

Even if your business is unrelated to real estate your answers will be helpful because peoples perception of the market is a contributing factor to the actions they might take including the timing of a buy or sell decision.

Thanks for your participation.

To take the survey please visit The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel by clicking this link.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Problem solving for business!

Problem solving versus problem identification!

There is nothing more important to any business than attacking problems head on.

While few could argue with the validity of that statement some business leaders, accomplished as they may be at identifying problems, may be somewhat less than stellar at actually seeking out methods for solving them...

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